Supporting members through knowledge sharing, reflective practice, collaboration and networking

Welcome to the ACESA website. ACESA is the Association of Chief Executives of State Agencies in Ireland. ACESA's role is to: Promote, develop and optimise the value of the ACESA network to CEOs by enhancing our approach to knowledge sharing in the pursuit of best practice; Identify matters of interest to members, providing a forum for joint exploration and shared learning; Develop considered and evidenced based positions on matters of interest to members.


  • Protect citizens and consumers

  • Uphold fundamental rights

  • Provide vital services such as housing, road safety and social care

  • Promote and protect culture and heritage

  • Protect the environment and promote sustainable practices


  • Support Irish business

  • Drive Irish research and innovation

  • Regulate professions

  • Set and maintain standards of excellence

  • Promote Ireland abroad

Our Board

The work programme of the Association is looked after by the ACESA Board which is elected every two years.

Current Members

Membership of ACESA is open to Chief Executives of non-commercial state agencies that fulfill specific criteria.

Membership Area

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