ACESA's Vision is: To Support Members Through Knowledge Sharing, Reflective Practice, Collaboration and Networking

The ACESA Vision & Strategic Priorities were adopted at the 2020 AGM after a number of months involving consultation with the wider membership. The Vision & Strategic Priorities guide the work of the Board and progress is tracked at Board Meetings. A number of subgroups operate to ensure that the Vision & Strategic Priorities are 'living' documents. Currently there are four subgroups in operation: Briefing & Events Subgroup; Conference Subgroup; Membership Subgroup; Peer Support & Coaching Subgroup

ACESA’s Core Function & Purpose:

  • Promote, develop and optimise the value of the ACESA network to CEOs by enhancing our approach to knowledge sharing in the pursuit of best practice

  • Identify matters of interest to members, providing a forum for joint exploration and shared learning

  • Develop considered and evidenced based positions on matters of interest to members

Briefing Sessions

  • Leverage the Network’s collective knowledge and experience through mutual networking, information sharing and proactive updates

  • Ensure accessibility of: (i) knowledge/information and (ii) membership events by enhancing delivery channels, knowledge repositories and opportunities for networking

  • Survey membership to determine areas of particular (niche/specialist) subject matter interest and develop channels for learning/information sharing

Research Focus & Future Needs

  • Develop and agree research agenda which reflects members’ priorities, recognises value-for money and supports CEOs

  • Encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration by promoting awareness of ACESA research – both national and international – as well as relevant initiatives being undertaken by member organisations

  • Develop: (i) knowledge base of membership queries and (ii) inventory of best practice/ lessons learned across comparable organisations – both Irish and overseas

  • Explore interest in establishing peer support or mentoring type arrangements into the future

Projects, Reach, Communications & Future

  • Redesign membership survey to reflect ACESA’s development while also providing an important channel for communication and feedback

  • Prioritise internal communications (on matters of benefit/interest to members) while recognising the potential value associated with external messaging and profiling of ACESA

  • Continue to develop ACESA as a support network and resource for CEOs – promoting same to existing as well as prospective members