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Name Category Organisation

Carol Boate

ACESA Member
Office of the Regulator of the National Lottery
Regulator of the National Lottery

We are the guardians of an important State asset. When the State decided to sell the licence to operate the National Lottery to a private entity, a Regulator was put in place to oversee the private operator. We check that the correct amount of money is going to prizes, retailers and good causes and that the operator is complying with the terms and conditions of the licence.

Patricia Byron

ACESA Alumni
Former CEO

Experienced public and private sector consultant ,currently leading a healthcare transformation project,also provide a range of advisory services (Governance, Transformation, Audit etc) and hold a varied INED portfolio.

Anne Marie Caulfield

ACESA Member
The Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland (GRAI)
CEO Designate

The Gambling Regulatory Authority, when established in 2023, will be responsible for the licensing and regulation of gambling activities, including overseeing measures to protect minors and vulnerable people, to ensure integrity in sports betting, to prevent Money Laundering through gambling and the administration of a new Social Impact Fund.

Fiona Coyne

ACESA Member
Citizens Information Board
Chief Executive

Ciairín de Buis

ACESA Member
The Parole Board

An independent Parole Board that protects the community, is fair to parole applicants and listens to victims. As CEO, I lead the work of the organisation.

Renee Dempsey

ACESA Alumni
Disability Stakeholder Group (DSG6)

Independent monitoring of National Disability Strategy and report to Minister for Disability.

Angela Denning

ACESA Member
The Courts Service of Ireland

Courts underpin a functioning democracy. The Courts Service manages the courts, provides support services to the judiciary and provides facilities for court users. My job is to modernise the service, to support access to Justice in a Modern Digital Ireland by making what we do quicker, easier and thereby less costly.

Anne Dickson

Chief Executives' Forum
Executive Director

CEF is the membership organisation for the leaders of Northern Ireland’s public service bodies. We provide a safe space for members to network and collaborate, and a gateway to relevant local, national and international networks and research.

Brian Doherty

ACESA Member
Legal Services Regulatory Authority

The Legal Services Regulatory Authority regulates the provision of legal services by legal practitioners and ensures the maintenance and improvement of standards in the provision of such services in the State.


Arlene Forster

National Council for Curriculum and Assessment
Chief Executive Officer

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) is a statutory body of the Department of Education. Our key role is to develop advice on curriculum and assessment for early childhood education, primary and post-primary schools. In doing this, we aim to lead and sustain developments that are sufficiently far-reaching so that all children and students can experience and benefit from enjoyable, engaging, relevant and appropriately challenging experiences to support learning, living in, contributing to, caring for, and working in a changing world.

Helen Hall

ACESA Board Member
Policing Authority
Chief Executive

The Policing Authority oversees the policing performance of the Garda Síochána on behalf of the public, in public.

Aideen Hartney

ACESA Member
National Disability Authority

The National Disability Authority provides evidence informed advice and guidance to government on matters related to disability and Universal Design.

Colm Lavery

Commission of Valuation
Commissioner of Valuation

Leading the Valuation Office through a period of transformation as we merge into Tailte Éireann, including legal and organisational change, to ensure that the Office can continue to deliver on its core remit of the provision of up-to-date valuations of commercial and industrial properties to ratepayers and rating authorities.

Una May

ACESA Member
Sport Ireland
Chief Executive

Lead Development Agency for Sport. Primary Agency responsible for delivery/implementation of National Sports Policy

Michael Nolan

ACESA Alumni
Transport Infrastructure Ireland

Ex CEO Transport Infrastructure Ireland

Tomás Ó Síocháin

Western Development Commission

The Western Development Commission raises the profile of the Western Region and Atlantic coast and manages a €100m equity investment and community lending fund. It seeks to develop innovative initiatives in the region and the development of the national network of remote work hubs /  is the best example of that and I would welcome any interest from colleagues in using that hub network or any feedback.

Orla O'Brien

ACESA Member
Irish Blood Transfusion Service
Chief Executive, Irish Blood Transfusion Service

Irish Blood Transfusion Service

Marian O'Sullivan

ACESA Member
Institute of Public Administration
Completed 7 year term of office DG of Institute of Public Administration

Professional Development and Education of those working in wider public sector- consultancy, governance, leadership, research.

Jim O'Toole

ACESA Member
Bord Iascaigh Mhara
CEO, Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM)

I lead BIM, a state agency that supports and develops the Irish seafood sector by providing technical expertise, business support, funding, and training.

Liz Pope

ACESA Member
Property Registration Authority
Chief Executive Officer

We safeguard property rights and transaction in Ireland through registration on the national land register and in the Registry of Deeds. The supports the efficient functioning of the property market and purchaser and lenders rely on land registry data which is backed up by a State guarantee. The data held also supports other users of land information, the citizen and the State. We provide a range of tailor made spatial data solutions that supports evidence based decision making. Our State Property Unit assists the goals of Government policy under Housing for All and the work of other State agencies in the property sector.

Padraig Walsh

ACESA Member
Quality and Qualifications Ireland
Chief Executive of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)

QQI sustains public confidence in the quality, qualifications, integrity and reputation of Ireland’s further and higher education system.