Acesa Alumni




This network was established in 2012, and has continued to grow

The Alumni Group now has 31 retired ACESA CEOs on its roll. Together they have vast experience over a wide range of public agencies and issues As well as following their own agenda, these former colleagues are keen to make their career experience available to support current Association members in various ways. Alumni members can now attend the Briefing Sessions, which affords an opportunity to both parties to keep in contact and up-to-date.


  • Two retired agency heads are now external members of ACESA agency internal audit committees

  • Another member is on an ACESA agency subcommittee charged with monitoring the Agency’s inspection protocols

  • Individual alumni have also responded to several ACESA agency requests, both for advice on specific issues, and for counselling of a more general kind

  • Comments have been supplied by individual alumni on the draft strategy documents of a number of ACESA Agencies

  • Significant inputs have also been provided to ACESA on the CEO Guide




  • Act as external members of other agency internal committees or project-related groups

  • Sit on member agencies’ interview boards

  • Comprise a panel from whom mentors can be drawn to help new ACESA CEOs find their feet

  • Provide comments on the draft strategy documents of ACESA agencies

  • Be a useful resource for individual ACESA CEOs with challenges which alumni members may well have faced in their own careers.

  • Advise retiring CEOs




If any ACESA member would like to avail of the services on offer from the alumni, please contact the ACESA secretariat at or Declan Purcell directly at